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Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up

Performance Make-up

Bling Spirit Glitter is Performance Make-up is designed for anyone who needs to shine on stage under those big bright lights!  At any Performance, Competition, Exhibition, Recital, Pageant, Parade, Concert, or the dance on Saturday night, every girl wants to be able to out shine and out sparkle the competition.  Most importantly, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience and everyone around you!  Especially the judges!


Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up Collection

The Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up Collection includes bright smudge proof creams, powders, & glitters that can be used by any performer! Bling make-up is The FIRST & The OFFICIAL Make-up designed and customized specifically for cheerleading & dance teams!


Make-up for all Athletes

Bling Spirit Glitter Make-up has been specially formulated for all Athletes! All of our Creamy Eye shadows, Glitter Sealers, Eyeliners, Mascaras, and Lip Lock Endurance Colors are Sweat Proof and Smudge Proof! Our Make-up will stay on all day then, when you're ready, it will easily wash off with soap and water.

All of our make-up is hypoallergenic, never tested on animals, and our glitter is polyester, so it's SAFE for the eyes and body!



Make-up Collections for Cheer and Dance Teams

Each color & glitter has been created to match your team colors and uniforms perfectly! This collection is Loud, Bold, & Exciting, offering a kaleidoscope of tones.


You're an ALL-STAR, you KNOW You must have your GLITTER!
the more SPARKLY,

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